I wanted to send you an email thanking you again for all of your time and help in selling my home. It was a pleasure working with you on this endeavor & I was so satisfied with how smoothly everything had gone. It was indeed a very stressful time for me to prepare the house and actually go through with it all, but I really felt like I was in good hands. The process seemed very scary to me at first, being a first time seller, but you had spent so much time explaining how the process worked (sometimes multiple times) and gave me very good guidance on how to prepare the house and on what to expect.  I also really appreciate your help in setting the asking price and for clearly outlining a plan of action if we had gotten no response at the initial asking price. I felt very comfortable working with you on this & I like the fact that my opinion on things mattered to you too (like what I wanted/didn't want to do to the house pre-sale, how much I wanted to ask, etc.) that it truly felt like a very good cooperative effort.

During my initial selection of a real estate agent, I was particularly impressed with your presentation of comparable properties and how you broke down other houses similar/not-so-similar, North/South of 45th, etc. It was also very cool that you had actually taken me around to view some of the other houses on the market to show me my competition and give me both realistic expectations and hope for what I might be able to ask & how quickly it might sell, without giving any false promises. No other agent I had interviewed had given me the same level of detail that you had, nor had any other agent actually taken me into other houses to show me first hand some of the comps and give me a better feeling of where my house might fit in. It was very clear early on that you knew what you were doing, would spend the time needed to help my home get sold with as little hassle as possible, and that you really wanted to work with me. And I believe you lived up and exceeded all of these initial impressions and expectations. Throughout the sales process, I think you had provided me with a very adequate level of communications about the deal(s) in progress and you were always quick to get back to me whenever I had questions or concerns.

Finally, I was very thankful to have your experience and gusto in dealing with the multiple offers that had arisen early in my house sale and I believe that you had gotten me the best possible sale & in retrospect I believe your ideas for market timing and initial asking price were dead-on. I further believe that it was your keen instincts and negotiating experience that made the final deal a success at the close of the buyer's option period, it just felt like all of the stress of selling my home had just kind of melted away. Anyway Thank you for all of your time and help on this. I will definitely recommend your services to others I meet who are also considering selling their home. Best of luck with all of your future endeavors!

Keith Pflieger

I would like to recommend my wonderful Realtor, Martha-Cary Saddler, in Austin, Texas.  She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, listens to your needs, doesn't push anything other than what you ask for and is a super nice person.  She sends invaluable information and has always been available when I've needed her.  I can't say enough positive things about my experience with her.

Barbara Curd

Martha-Cary is our Realtor of choice for so many reasons -- her knowledge of the Central Texas market; her amazing negotiating skills; her exceptional follow-through; her infinite local connections; her skills at investment property analysis and most importantly; her ability to streamline the process from search through closing.  We've purchased three investment properties with Martha-Cary and can't imagine working with anyone else.

Kelly Truesdell

My wife Sarah and I approached the task of locating and purchasing our first home with a mix of excitement and wariness. We knew nothing about financing, negotations, inspections, etc. However, we were very lucky to have found Martha-Cary. From our first meeting to closing, she was professional, competent, guiding, and above all nice! Despite a number of bumps and unforeseen events along the way, MC clearly took on all the burdens of the transition behind the scenes, making it, for us, seem flawless and stress-free. We have since recommended her to all of our friends that even mention that they want to shop for a home in Austin. Martha-Cary is a great realtor and a wonderful, warm person.

Brian Episcopo

If I had to bring it down to one thing Martha-Cary offers that others realtors fall short on, it is customer service from the heart.  Our home sale and  purchase seemed personal to her and she represented us with passion and vigor.  From staging our house and setting the sales price, to negotiating through the transaction, and helping find cleaners to do the "final clean", she was as committed to getting the best for our property as we were.  Her follow through with the buyer's lender helped the sale of our house close on time despite the lender's delinquency.  When purchasing our new home, the strong professional relationship she developed with the listing broker gave us the competitive edge in getting the house of our dreams at the right price.   We loved having her on our team!

Dawn Lindsey

"Martha-Cary is an outstanding real estate professional and a joy to work with when buying and selling a home.  She has superior listening, marketing and negotiating skills in addition to her amazing attention for details.   No matter a Buyer or a Seller, Martha-Cary represents you and your property as if you were family.

Jalaane Levi-Garza 

"Martha-Cary is an AMAZING individual to work with. Her level of professionalism is unsurpassed due to her diligent work ethic and commitment to guiding you through the home buying process.  As a first time home buyer, she educated me and always kept me informed of status updates in real time.  I love my home and I cannot imagine working with anyone else! "

Melissa Robledo

Listen to your realtor...
...to help sell your house she'll tell you, "price it right," "paint it neutral," "plant flowers."  If you do this, your house will sell quickly and you'll get the best deal!
...to help purchase your house she'll listen to your thoughts but tell you to keep an open mind:  "You may purchase something entirely different from what you plan."  She'll show you many options and will help you navigate the many details.
She'll go above and beyond for you.  Its obvious that this job chose her.  She enjoys her work and it shows.
A real estate venture with Martha-Cary is more than just business..  It's an opportunity to learn more about yourself, have fun, and possibly make a new friend.  
(One final observation...her GPS is a more reliable compass than her sense of direction!)  
Melissa McNelly

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