Steps to Buying a Home                 

  1. Put your finances in order and check your credit report.
  2. Get familiar with the mortgage industry.
  3. Determine your wants and needs for a home.
  4. Select a real estate agent.
  5. Discuss financial aspects.
  6. Start searching for a home.
  7. Verify information regarding legal dimensions and condition of property.
  8. Make an offer.
  9. Negotiate, then finalize contract.
  10. Coordinate with real estate agent, mortgage lender and title company.
  11. Apply for mortgage.
  12. Order Inspections: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Environmental, Pest
  13. Schedule movers (if needed.)
  14. Change utilities.
  15. Purchase funded, contract closed.
  16. Enjoy your new home!